Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail

The other day the three of us here at GuillermosTravels.com we went to the Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail. On this adventure you get to follow the path that the trains took to bring building supplies to the build site of the Hoover Dam.

The site was so remote at the time of the build that most of the work had to be done on site like concrete mixing and gravel sorting. Some of the materials for the construction needed to be brought in from other places like Portland! Which is where I am from, well the Portland area anyway.

I'm ready for our hike! Lets see what this place has to offer and teach.

I’m ready for our hike! Lets see what this place has to offer and teach.

At the entrance we were greeted by some rather ominous looking gates.

Welcome... Enter at your own risk.

Welcome… Enter at your own risk.

After safely entering the gates the area opened up and we were able make our way farther in. The path was long and I knew this would quite the adventure!The Journey Begins - Historic Railroad Tunnel TrailThe trail was long and after awhile we came upon some very large openings in the earth that people and other dogs seemed to disappear into.

I was amazed at how many of the other dogs had their humans trained to carry them. I don’t think I could ever con Mama and Papa into carrying me that far!

As we got closer to these openings they seemed to grow larger and larger.

Are we going in there?

Are we going in there?

How did these holes get here?

How did these holes get here?

Papa had read that these holes are man made and where made extra tall to allow fully loaded trains to bring rocks, gravel and extra large pipes to the site to build site for Hoover Dam.

There are multiple tunnels that you must walk through on this path. When emerging from the end of the tunnels you will find great views of Lake Mead as we did.

Here I am with Lake Mead in the background. The view was very pretty.

Here I am with Lake Mead in the background. The view was very pretty!

Lake Mead View

We wound up stopping and taking a rest here. While we were resting a nice man with his family were passing by and offered to take a picture of all of us all together. So Papa scooped me up.

Mama, Papa and I. I love my family.

Mama, Papa and I. I love my family. I wasn’t in a smiling mood though.

Along the path they have two very special rocks. We were unable to find out what was so special about them.

Normally I would look to Mama and Papa for answers but even they were stumped. Along the whole path these were they only two of their kind and they had big cones protecting them.

These must be very special rocks...

These must be very special rocks…

Shortly after these rocks we came to the end of the main trail. Apparently the trail continues for a few miles all the way to Hoover Dam. Mama and Papa remembered I am not welcome there so I decided  we should turn around and head back into the tunnels.

Delving back into the darkness.

Delving back into the darkness. 

The last tunnel on the trail was never actually used and was completed much later than the actual dam was. This is the sixth tunnel that the path runs through.

This path has great scenery and from what we are told there is all kinds of wild life here like big horn sheep, owls, various desert lizards and many others.

Unfortunately we did not see any of these and were told by one of the signs that are scattered along the path that the best time to see them is at dawn and dusk. This is when the animals are most active.

Thank you for going on this adventure with GuillermosTravels.com

I don’t see a single wild animal. Do you?

If you every find yourself around Las Vegas site seeing we highly suggest checking out the Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail to add to the marvel that is Hoover Dam.


Park City, Utah (My Day at PetSmart)

Over the last week or so not much has been going on around the Magic House. Mama was missing for a few days. She said something about winning the title of Avon Makeup Maven, one of only 60 in the world.  I’m not sure what that means but Papa is very proud of her so I am too! Apparently she was in New York at Avon’s global headquarters. She spend a few days getting to see the research facility as well as met the president of the company, Shari McCoy.

Mama on the famous Lips Couch at the Avon Headquarters.

Mama on the famous Lips Couch at the Avon Headquarters.

Papa started his job here at the RV park we are at. He gets up at 4:30am (which is way earlier than you will ever get me out of bed!) He leaves for about five hours and then the RV park doesn’t charge us rent.

It is a great deal they have been calling work camping. It works out very well for everyone involved.

My mind has been wondering thinking of things I’ve done in the past since not much has been going on for me otherwise. I started thinking about the time we went to Park City, Utah.

Papa was just past this sign where he went snowboarding.

Papa went snowboarding just past this sign a little ways.



One day Papa’s friend Michael was talking about The Sundance Film Festival. It was happening that same week. Papa and Mama decided we would leave the next morning.

It was a six hour drive and when we got there it was freezing, literally. This was the coldest place I’ve been. We wound up sleeping in our rooftop tent on the truck in the back of a Camping World parking lot. I heard Mama telling Papa it was nine degrees. I don’t know what that is but it seems like a low number.

The next morning the humans left me at PetSmart in the daycare program they have for dogs there. I wasn’t sure what was going on until it was too late. When I realized what was happening it was having none of it and kept trying to jump over the force field separating me from Mama and Papa.

Once they were gone I forgot what was happening and started making friends. I wound up spending the rest of the day there playing with my new friends Baylor and Rapunzel, a lab and a boxer. I love playing with dogs bigger than I am.

Now I wasn’t there to see it but Papa tells me him and his friend Michael wound up spending the day sliding down mountains of snow on boards. You humans sure likes adrenaline! None of it cost a dime either! Michael has a friend there that gave them two of his guest passes. Worth $150.00 each!

Papa tells me the place they were at was amazing with views of far off lands and mountains all covered in snow. They said even with my coat and boots, as much as I love those, it was still too cold for me and I was safer with the people at PetSmart. They always treat me so nicely.Park City Utah Mountains

Mama and Papa were not able to get a tickets to see any movies at the festival so they just walked around and looked at things from what I hear. Papa had been silly and forgot the camera and his phone was dead so he was unable to get any pictures of the street where Sundance is. I’m sure they will go again sometime.Tacoma in Park City Utah

Once the humans finally came back to get me it was just getting dark. We all got in the truck and wound up in there until the next morning. Mama and Papa were both too tired to stay awake for the ride home. They wound up turning the truck off midway home and slept awhile instead of sleeping the whole way home like I always do. The ride took until it was light again to arrive at the magic house, which seemed far longer than the ride there.

All in all a pretty uneventful day for me, but it sounds like Mama, Papa and Michael had a great time!

So since I wasn’t able to make much of an appearance in this update here is more video of me wearing my boots in the snow for the first time.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone from GuillermosTravels.com! We are taking it easy here in Las Vegas today. Papa seems pretty tired from his new job working at the RV park.

There are Magic Houses everywhere. I guess we don’t have the only one? Mama and Papa were gone most of the day and are home now in the kitchen cooking something that smells amazing!

Is that steak?

Is that steak?

The cat even wanted to say “Hi” he seems like she is warming up to me. Now that we are in this small area she can’t hide from me like in our old house. She has become so comfortable with me that she will even walk on my head to get by.KittyWe wish everyone a Happy Valentines day!

Hoover Dam and Boulder City

So the other day Mama, Papa and I jumped in the truck and took off on another adventure. This time we were headed to see the Hoover Dam.

This is a view of Lake Mead on the way to the dam.

This is a view of Lake Mead on the way to the dam.

Mama and Papa lead me up a bunch of stairs and had me pose on a bench. There was an older gentleman praising me for how good I am at posing.

Welcome to Nevada

Welcome to Nevada – Smile!

Everything was going great. That is, until we looked down!

This is ridiculous!

This is ridiculous!

Now you remember I told you Mama and Papa were crazy so I should have seen this coming. One day I will stop being surprised. We are really far up here!Guillermo on BridgeOn the bridgeWe made our way back down to the truck and after a short ride we got back out. The first things we were greeted with were these signs.

I can't stay and I can't go.

I can’t stay and I can’t go.

We still had a great view anyway and got to see the backside of the dam.

You humans are amazing with the things you build!

You humans are amazing with the things you build!

Would you look at that...

Would you look at that…

Off we went to the little town of Boulder City, Nevada. This town was where all of the workers that built the dam lived and it has grown into a quiet community with very friendly people.

Afternoon Breeze

Afternoon Breeze

This statue remembers the women that made this town possible. They were the ones who built the city while their husbands built the dam.

These women made this sometimes very hot and other times very cold place habitable. They even set up schools. Without these women boulder city may not exist today.

We ate at a place called Milo’s. We sat outside and lots of people with dogs came by to say hello.Milo'sI’m told they have great food and wine. Papa also mentioned the beer was fantastic. He got a brew that was imported from the oldest brewery in Germany!

German beer is held to a different standard due to the Reinheitsgebot (Purity Decree). Where only water, hops and malt are aloud in a drink called Beer.WeihenstephanerWe walked about the town for awhile. There are a lot of shops with delicate things I am not allowed in.

We did see an advertisement for the film festival they have here every year called The Dam Short Film Festival. Papa said when he went years back he had a great time!Dam Short Film Festival

Met this nice lady who just had a great time shopping!

Met this nice lady who just had a great time shopping!

After a Great day out at Hoover Dam and lunch in Boulder City it was time to head back to the Magic House for some rest.

Luckily it is a very short ride so I can get some food too!

Driving back into Vegas from the dam

Driving back into Vegas from the dam.

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada (Through Desert and Ice)

Recently we here at Guillermo’s Travels went on an adventure into the Red Rock Canyon in the Mojave Desert. Boy was it an adventure! There are big mountains and vast terrain.

This time we would up meeting Papa’s friends Michael and Jamie.

My view from the truck on the way.

My view from the truck on the way.

Once we arrived we didn’t waste any time setting off into the wilderness.

I liked to follow Jamie around.

I liked to follow Jamie around.

As we made our way further into the desert we saw amazing views of far off mountains. I could tell these mountains were where we were headed.

Are we going all the way over there?

Are we going all the way over there?

At one point we must of made a wrong turn. We came up on some sort or circular area with a smaller circle inside of it. It looked like a lot of time and effort had gone into the creation of this rock formation.

All around the outside we found rocks stacked into pillars. It must have been some kind of ritual circle and I decided we needed to get out of there before the peoples who made this alter came back!

I hope these aren't any kind of rituals involving dogs...

I hope these aren’t any kind of rituals involving dogs…

Papa was all over the place looking at these rocks and how they were laid out. I made it clear we needed to move on.

We ventured even farther into this wasteland the rocks began to change shades of grey. Guillermo Red Rock

I let Papa know I approve of moving farther in.

I let Papa know I approve of moving farther in.

Just before going into the passage through the mountains we found a tree that appeared to be dead.

The humans seemed fascinated with this tree though; I have no idea why.

I don't get it...

I don’t get it… Looks like a dead tree to me.

Disappearing into the mountains the weather changed as we descended and things became very cold. We even had to walk over ice to get to where this expedition was leading us.

Papa said that I look like was superimposed into this picture.

Papa said that I look like I was superimposed into this picture.

I can assure you my paws are quite cold. Where are my boots?

I can assure you my paws are quite cold. Where are my boots?

Finding ourselves in down in a hole with standing water we stopped to take a break and enjoy the beauty . . . and then I peed in it to claim the area.

This water was delicious! Very refreshing.

This water was delicious! Very refreshing.

Down in the DepthsMichael found a small creature the likes of which I have never seen. Papa and Michael started behaving strangely and moving very slowly as though this was a dangerous creature. Maybe it is related to the dragon we found in Pismo Beach?

Stay back it seems dangerous!

Stay back it seems dangerous!

Finally those two finally got some sense and slowly moved away. When we were at a safe distance we climbed out and headed back into the open desert.

There was a loud noise that was echoing through the canyon. It was like a thumping.

It was at this time I turned back to let the humans know it was time to leave. Despite being a desert this place had suddenly changed. The air was cold.

Time to go humans.. Take me to the Magic House and feed me.

Time to go humans.. Take me to the Magic House and feed me.

I thought I had them convinced but once we went farther from the mountains they stopped and made me sit on a rock. The started telling me to look at them.

You do what you have to do but I'm just going to sit here.

You do what you have to do but I’m just going to sit here.

This Las Vegas it been a strange place. There are big temperature swings. How can we be in the snow one day then in the desert the next? This Magic House sure puts us in some strange situations. Where will we wind up next?