Flathead Lake, Montana

Shortly after leaving Coeur d’Alene we wound up at a new lake called Flathead Lake. Flathead lake is in Montana and is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi river. As I have said before I don’t really care about all that but I know you humans sure seem to.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 14

There were some great scents around here and I could smell the perfect stick. I wasn’t entirely sure where is was but I could tell it was around here somewhere. I wound up getting a little sidetracked by this bush here.


Then I got the scent of that stick again.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 2

Well I found the stick and you’ll never guess what happened. Not ten seconds after finding the stick Mama walks right over and takes it. I’m fine with taking sticks from other dogs when I want them but that was my stick.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 9

Then she starts taunting me with it asking “do you want the stick?” Obviously I wanted the stick that is why I spent so much time looking for it. I don’t want some other stick I wanted that one.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 11

So what does she do when I make sure she knows I clearly want it? That’s right, she throws it in the water!

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 6

This water is very clear so at least I can see where I’m stepping.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 3

I put a paw in to check the temperature and decide to go for it.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 12

As you can see below as soon as I tried to go out and grab it a bunch of waves started attacking me so I tried another route and started to look for a way around. I never did find one though.


After my struggle Papa finally went out and got the stick for me. I thought the ordeal was over and they were going to stop messing with me. Instead he walked right up to me and showed me my beloved stick while waving it around. Then he throws it in the water again!

It didn’t go as far out this time though and I felt the courage to go get it for myself welling up inside me. This was it. I went for it.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 13

I got out and then realized I lost track of the stick while I was gathering my courage. I had to look around for a bit.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 5

Then a new dilemma; how do I pick it up without submerging my face in this frigid water?

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 4

After batting at it with my paw for awhile I realized that wasn’t going to work and I was just going to have to use my mouth. I got to thinking thumbs would be great right about then.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 8

I heard Mama and Papa cheering me on as I grabbed my stick between my teeth and started to head to shore.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 10

I had done it! I overcame my fear and came out unscathed. I could tell Mama and Papa were very proud of me. It was then that I realized why they were taunting me with MY stick.

With my self confidence high we played the throw the stick in the water game for quite awhile. Throw the stick in the water has now become one of my favorite games.

That time at Flathead Lake really opened me up for new play opportunities. That day sure opened up possibilities with other dogs during our travels. Like the time I played with the Corgi named Poke (pronounced Poki) in Yellowstone. That story coming soon.

Until next time humans!

Coeur d’Alene (Mudgy & Millie Moose Trail)

Awhile back we went and hiked the Mudgy & Millie Moose Trail. I would have told you about it sooner but Papa is lazy. Getting him to edit my work can sure be exhausting! I’m just going to jump right in and tell you about the time we stopped in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Guillermo Coeur d'Alene 8, Mudgy & Millie Moose Trail

First order of business was parking and then making our way around all the construction to actually get to the Mudgy & Millie Moose Trail. We found Mudgy along the way and he gave us directions down to the water.

Millie was nowhere to be found though. Upon inspection of the map we discovered she was over in another part of the park that we were not headed to.

Mudgy and Millie have to stay in different areas of the park because you humans are getting lost all the time and they have to give you directions. It must be difficult for Mudgy and Millie to never get to be near each other.

Guillermo Coeur d'Alene 2, Mudgy & Millie Moose Trail

Here I am with Mudgy.

As you can see I was already getting pretty hot and we hadn’t even gone very far. So we headed to look for some shade.

Guillermo Coeur d'Alene 3Along the trail we found this shaded grassy area perfect for a little scent exchange.

Guillermo Coeur d'Alene 4

Here I am on my Instagram page rolling around and knocking over Mama and Papa’s Coffee.

Now that I was done cooling off and spilling the coffee, it was time for some exploring! There was water and floating cars through this hole I found.

Guillermo Coeur d'Alene 5The Mudgy & Millie Moose Trail has a few parts to it. Some are in the city on roads but as for me and my humans we like going into nature.

Guillermo Coeur d'Alene 10, Mudgy & Millie Moose TrailThe trail winds along the bank of Lake Coeur d’Alene and is actually pretty high up in most places. The views are beautiful and not far along the trail I overheated again per usual and needed to stop for water.

Guillermo Coeur d'Alene 11 So then…

Guillermo Coeur d'Alene 9Just some people.. So then Mama and Papa decided this rock was the perfect photo op and made me sit on this rock and told me to smile. People walking by are always laughing when they see me smiling for a picture they don’t seem to get that I’m just hot and trying to cool off… It does make for a good picture though if I do say so myself.

Guillermo Coeur d'Alene 7By the end of the Mudgy & Millie Moose Trail I must have stopped for water about five or six times but I can’t count so I’m not really sure.

Finally Papa decided keeping me cool was a lot of work and lured me down to the water. Then he picked me up and dropped me in. Normally I would have gone crazy when dropped in water but just weeks earlier I had learned the joys of water in Spokane, as you can see here. Now I even run into the ocean and attack the waves, but that is another post.

Guillermo Coeur d'Alene 12, Mudgy & Millie Moose TrailWith that Mudgy & Millie Moose Trail came to a head and not a moment too soon because I was tired. So after a nice shake to dry off it was time to head back to the Magic House and eat some grub.

Guillermo Coeur d'Alene 6Until next time humans….