North Domingo Baca Dog Park

Today I thought I would tell you about the time we went to the North Domingo Baca Dog Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The ride there took forever and when we got there as usual I was super excited. Mama and Papa just stood there ignoring me while I shook with anticipation.

Eventually I calmed down and Papa lifted me out of the truck and off to the park.

I Instantly met another dog and could not wait for Mama and Papa to let me in!North Domingo Baca Dog Park 2Of coarse once I was in the gate all that excitement came right back!

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 3North Domingo Baca Dog Park is one of the better dogs parks we have been too! The first dog park we went to in Albuquerque only had one dog there and he was mean.

There was a Husky there that I had fun running with for a few minutes.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 4 North Domingo Baca Dog Park 5Quickly though, my attention was diverted when I saw a boxer kind of near a baseball and acting interested in it. So I did what any dog would do, I took it and ran off.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 6I ran and ran with it until I realized she didn’t want it anymore. Now that it had lost its value I left it and ran off for other antics.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 7Quickly I was far too warm and found some shade.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 9Then I ran to another tree for shade.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 13Just after that I saw people under shade and realized I could get some much deserved attention and be in the shade at the same time.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 10It turned out to be a win win. We all had a great day at North Domingo Baca Dog Park.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 11North Domingo Baca Dog Park is a great park where humans and dogs alike can socialize in the beautiful weather. Here we met a lady named Yaroz, who runs Paws In Action. Paws In Action is a dog care company local to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Yaroz has a great love of dogs. Her services include Dog Walking, Pet Transportation, Pet Sitting, Private Boarding, “Mi Casa Es Su Casa,” and Overnight House Sitting. So if you are in the Albuquerque,  New Mexico and have need of dog care check out Paws In Action or find them on Facebook.

Horseman’s and Dog Fancier’s Park Las Vegas Nevada

Over the last few days the three of us at Guillermo’s Travels have been going to this place where there are so many dogs it is hard to decide who to play with.

This is the other side! This place is huge!

Here is just one side! This place is huge!

People and dogs are everywhere. We dogs can run and play without having to stay right next to our humans.

Run with me!

Run with me!

This by far the biggest place of its kind that I have ever seen!

It is called Horsemans and Dog Fanciers Park! There are huge areas to run and play while the humans socialize and laugh at us.

What's going on?

What’s going on?

For some reason they never sniff each others butts though, so they can’t be getting to know each other very well, I don’t get it.

Silly humans, how do they know who is who?

On the first day there must of been seven Bull Terriers, some Shepherds, one Rottweiler and all kinds of mixed breads that didn’t seem to know their backgrounds too well.

I thought she was pretty but was too shy. What if she doesn't like little guys?

I thought that she was pretty but was too shy to say hello; what if she doesn’t like little guys?

Many of them were rescued by their humans. They all were so happy and friendly and we all played for what seemed like hours!

There were two very large dogs there. They were Mastiffs like myself.

The smaller of the two was Bo and he is what is called a Bordeaux Mastiff, from France.



I'm Bo.

I’m Bo.

The other was Doobie, he was my favorite!

Doobie is a seven month old Mastiff. He is just a pup.

So I decided I would whip him into shape.

Your not that big!

You’re not that big!

Doobie and I became friends instantly and started wrestling and playing. I tried will all my might but just could not knock him over. I even tried getting a running start to side swipe him by jumping and smashing into his shoulder with my shoulder but he did not seem phased by it at all!

He didn't even notice it! These puppies these days!

He didn’t even notice it! These puppies these days!

Papa looked like he was going to fall over laughing. I was able to enlist the help of my of new Bull Terrier friend to get Doobie on the ground but that backfired and I got kicked in the face! So much surface area! This child is HUGE!

What do you got? You got nothin'!

What do you got? You got nothin’!

You can sure work up a humungous thirst here so they provide large vats of water. Seems to me they should be shorter… That half milk jug just won’t cut it when you have a big thirst.

I can't believe I drank the whole thing.

I can’t believe I drank the whole thing.

Once I decided I was finished playing and my thirst was sufficiently quenched I gave Mama and Papa the OK to take me home. I love having people to do things for me. So now we are home in the Magic House and I’m going to sleep.

Talk to you all next time on Guillermo’s Travels. I wonder when the Magic House is going to change what is on the outside again? Maybe it is broken…

We will have to see

We will have to see..