Flathead Lake, Montana

Shortly after leaving Coeur d’Alene we wound up at a new lake called Flathead Lake. Flathead lake is in Montana and is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi river. As I have said before I don’t really care about all that but I know you humans sure seem to.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 14

There were some great scents around here and I could smell the perfect stick. I wasn’t entirely sure where is was but I could tell it was around here somewhere. I wound up getting a little sidetracked by this bush here.


Then I got the scent of that stick again.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 2

Well I found the stick and you’ll never guess what happened. Not ten seconds after finding the stick Mama walks right over and takes it. I’m fine with taking sticks from other dogs when I want them but that was my stick.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 9

Then she starts taunting me with it asking “do you want the stick?” Obviously I wanted the stick that is why I spent so much time looking for it. I don’t want some other stick I wanted that one.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 11

So what does she do when I make sure she knows I clearly want it? That’s right, she throws it in the water!

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 6

This water is very clear so at least I can see where I’m stepping.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 3

I put a paw in to check the temperature and decide to go for it.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 12

As you can see below as soon as I tried to go out and grab it a bunch of waves started attacking me so I tried another route and started to look for a way around. I never did find one though.


After my struggle Papa finally went out and got the stick for me. I thought the ordeal was over and they were going to stop messing with me. Instead he walked right up to me and showed me my beloved stick while waving it around. Then he throws it in the water again!

It didn’t go as far out this time though and I felt the courage to go get it for myself welling up inside me. This was it. I went for it.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 13

I got out and then realized I lost track of the stick while I was gathering my courage. I had to look around for a bit.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 5

Then a new dilemma; how do I pick it up without submerging my face in this frigid water?

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 4

After batting at it with my paw for awhile I realized that wasn’t going to work and I was just going to have to use my mouth. I got to thinking thumbs would be great right about then.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 8

I heard Mama and Papa cheering me on as I grabbed my stick between my teeth and started to head to shore.

Guillermo Flathead Lake Playing in the water 10

I had done it! I overcame my fear and came out unscathed. I could tell Mama and Papa were very proud of me. It was then that I realized why they were taunting me with MY stick.

With my self confidence high we played the throw the stick in the water game for quite awhile. Throw the stick in the water has now become one of my favorite games.

That time at Flathead Lake really opened me up for new play opportunities. That day sure opened up possibilities with other dogs during our travels. Like the time I played with the Corgi named Poke (pronounced Poki) in Yellowstone. That story coming soon.

Until next time humans!

North Domingo Baca Dog Park

Today I thought I would tell you about the time we went to the North Domingo Baca Dog Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The ride there took forever and when we got there as usual I was super excited. Mama and Papa just stood there ignoring me while I shook with anticipation.

Eventually I calmed down and Papa lifted me out of the truck and off to the park.

I Instantly met another dog and could not wait for Mama and Papa to let me in!North Domingo Baca Dog Park 2Of coarse once I was in the gate all that excitement came right back!

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 3North Domingo Baca Dog Park is one of the better dogs parks we have been too! The first dog park we went to in Albuquerque only had one dog there and he was mean.

There was a Husky there that I had fun running with for a few minutes.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 4 North Domingo Baca Dog Park 5Quickly though, my attention was diverted when I saw a boxer kind of near a baseball and acting interested in it. So I did what any dog would do, I took it and ran off.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 6I ran and ran with it until I realized she didn’t want it anymore. Now that it had lost its value I left it and ran off for other antics.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 7Quickly I was far too warm and found some shade.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 9Then I ran to another tree for shade.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 13Just after that I saw people under shade and realized I could get some much deserved attention and be in the shade at the same time.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 10It turned out to be a win win. We all had a great day at North Domingo Baca Dog Park.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park 11North Domingo Baca Dog Park is a great park where humans and dogs alike can socialize in the beautiful weather. Here we met a lady named Yaroz, who runs Paws In Action. Paws In Action is a dog care company local to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Yaroz has a great love of dogs. Her services include Dog Walking, Pet Transportation, Pet Sitting, Private Boarding, “Mi Casa Es Su Casa,” and Overnight House Sitting. So if you are in the Albuquerque,  New Mexico and have need of dog care check out Paws In Action or find them on Facebook.

Park City, Utah (My Day at PetSmart)

Over the last week or so not much has been going on around the Magic House. Mama was missing for a few days. She said something about winning the title of Avon Makeup Maven, one of only 60 in the world.  I’m not sure what that means but Papa is very proud of her so I am too! Apparently she was in New York at Avon’s global headquarters. She spend a few days getting to see the research facility as well as met the president of the company, Shari McCoy.

Mama on the famous Lips Couch at the Avon Headquarters.

Mama on the famous Lips Couch at the Avon Headquarters.

Papa started his job here at the RV park we are at. He gets up at 4:30am (which is way earlier than you will ever get me out of bed!) He leaves for about five hours and then the RV park doesn’t charge us rent.

It is a great deal they have been calling work camping. It works out very well for everyone involved.

My mind has been wondering thinking of things I’ve done in the past since not much has been going on for me otherwise. I started thinking about the time we went to Park City, Utah.

Papa was just past this sign where he went snowboarding.

Papa went snowboarding just past this sign a little ways.



One day Papa’s friend Michael was talking about The Sundance Film Festival. It was happening that same week. Papa and Mama decided we would leave the next morning.

It was a six hour drive and when we got there it was freezing, literally. This was the coldest place I’ve been. We wound up sleeping in our rooftop tent on the truck in the back of a Camping World parking lot. I heard Mama telling Papa it was nine degrees. I don’t know what that is but it seems like a low number.

The next morning the humans left me at PetSmart in the daycare program they have for dogs there. I wasn’t sure what was going on until it was too late. When I realized what was happening it was having none of it and kept trying to jump over the force field separating me from Mama and Papa.

Once they were gone I forgot what was happening and started making friends. I wound up spending the rest of the day there playing with my new friends Baylor and Rapunzel, a lab and a boxer. I love playing with dogs bigger than I am.

Now I wasn’t there to see it but Papa tells me him and his friend Michael wound up spending the day sliding down mountains of snow on boards. You humans sure likes adrenaline! None of it cost a dime either! Michael has a friend there that gave them two of his guest passes. Worth $150.00 each!

Papa tells me the place they were at was amazing with views of far off lands and mountains all covered in snow. They said even with my coat and boots, as much as I love those, it was still too cold for me and I was safer with the people at PetSmart. They always treat me so nicely.Park City Utah Mountains

Mama and Papa were not able to get a tickets to see any movies at the festival so they just walked around and looked at things from what I hear. Papa had been silly and forgot the camera and his phone was dead so he was unable to get any pictures of the street where Sundance is. I’m sure they will go again sometime.Tacoma in Park City Utah

Once the humans finally came back to get me it was just getting dark. We all got in the truck and wound up in there until the next morning. Mama and Papa were both too tired to stay awake for the ride home. They wound up turning the truck off midway home and slept awhile instead of sleeping the whole way home like I always do. The ride took until it was light again to arrive at the magic house, which seemed far longer than the ride there.

All in all a pretty uneventful day for me, but it sounds like Mama, Papa and Michael had a great time!

So since I wasn’t able to make much of an appearance in this update here is more video of me wearing my boots in the snow for the first time.

Mt. Charleston Nevada (Playing in the snow)

The other day we went up to a mountain here called Mt. Charleston. We were only about 45 min northwest of Las Vegas. Mama, Papa and I took the truck and met Papa’s good friends Enrique, his wife Patty, and some of their kids.

There was snow everywhere! Just when I was ready for a good time Mama and Papa grabbed and put me in this thing they always put me in when it is cold. I am not a fan.

Maybe it will fall off if I shake?

Maybe it will fall off if I shake?

This time was different though. They had something new up theirs sleeves and grabbed me again! This time they put things over my feet!

What this time?

What this time?

You can not be serious!?

You can not be serious!?

I spent a while standing and looking at my humans until they insisted I walk in these things. So I gave it a shot. All was not bad though. I figured out how to get them off.

After I realized they were just going to keep putting them back on me and tighter each time I gave up when I saw a large hill with kids on it! I love kids!



These kids were crazy! They were climbing this big hill and sitting down on garbage can lids and sliding down the hill. At one point Papa joined in the lunacy and did it too!

I forgot I was even wearing the boots and chased after him with all my might!

During the excitement my boots were thrown from my front feet and I was almost free of these things. I saw my chance and exploited it. I thought up a plan and gave them the best look I could muster.

Why do you do this to me? Please let me not wear them anymore.

Why do you do this to me? Please don’t make me wear them.

It worked flawlessly and they took the other two off. Now it was time for phase two of my plan.

Get this coat off of me…

There must be a something holding this on.

Maybe I can bite it off!

Maybe I can bite it off!

After trying for some time I finally gave up and accepted the coat. We had a great day and made a lot of new friends. I ran and ran. This snow is more difficult to run on just like the sand on the beach.

When I felt it was time to head back to the Magic House and was ready for a good long nap I let the humans know they could take me home.

In the past month we have been so many different places. I can’t wait to see where our next adventures take us. Bye for now.

Can't talk, sleeping...

Can’t talk, sleeping…