Arizona Hot Springs FAIL (The time I almost died)

Here we are in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I am very much enjoying the view out the window. We are taking it easy so I thought I would tell you about the time we went to the Arizona Hot Springs just on the other side of the road from Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail. This trip did not go as planned and I almost died, at best I my have wound up with two broken legs, but we will get to that.

OverpassIt all started with a hike down into the desert. On either side of us there were big rocks. We were down in a narrow valley.

Hiking in

In to the depths of the MojaveThrough the trail there were areas that the humans had to climb down and the pass me from person to person.

We did not see much wild life though we did see this lizard.

Mojave LizardThis cave looked like a great place to lay down for a nap.


We were seeing all kinds of beautiful scenery when we came across what I learned to be what’s called a natural slide.

Mama and Papa were walking around to find a safe way down and I decided it would be a good idea to run after Jamie as he slide down the slide.

SlideMy body isn’t shaped the same as yours and my back legs came out from under me as I wound up on my back sliding butt first.

I heard Papa warning me and then yelling my name as the ground disappeared under me and my upper body dropped toward the ground 4 feet under me.

Fell from hereJamie acted quick and spun around just as I went off of the slide and dove to catch me!

Just as I was about to land on what may have been my neck Jamie caught me and spun his body so me wound mostly break my fall. He wasn’t expecting my weight but we both came out unscathed.

Mama and Papa seemed very relieved that I didn’t die and check me all over. We were just a few minutes away from the springs but we came to an obstacle we were not prepared for.

There was no safe way for me to get down and after that last situation Mama and Papa decided we would part ways from the group and head back to the truck.

Path to HotspringsMama and Papa thank God I didn’t get hurt that day. I am doing very well. Apparently there are some really interesting places around Albuquerque. I’m getting the impression we are about to do some fun things around here. I am ready for the adventure!

GuillermosTravels Mojave

Park City, Utah (My Day at PetSmart)

Over the last week or so not much has been going on around the Magic House. Mama was missing for a few days. She said something about winning the title of Avon Makeup Maven, one of only 60 in the world.  I’m not sure what that means but Papa is very proud of her so I am too! Apparently she was in New York at Avon’s global headquarters. She spend a few days getting to see the research facility as well as met the president of the company, Shari McCoy.

Mama on the famous Lips Couch at the Avon Headquarters.

Mama on the famous Lips Couch at the Avon Headquarters.

Papa started his job here at the RV park we are at. He gets up at 4:30am (which is way earlier than you will ever get me out of bed!) He leaves for about five hours and then the RV park doesn’t charge us rent.

It is a great deal they have been calling work camping. It works out very well for everyone involved.

My mind has been wondering thinking of things I’ve done in the past since not much has been going on for me otherwise. I started thinking about the time we went to Park City, Utah.

Papa was just past this sign where he went snowboarding.

Papa went snowboarding just past this sign a little ways.



One day Papa’s friend Michael was talking about The Sundance Film Festival. It was happening that same week. Papa and Mama decided we would leave the next morning.

It was a six hour drive and when we got there it was freezing, literally. This was the coldest place I’ve been. We wound up sleeping in our rooftop tent on the truck in the back of a Camping World parking lot. I heard Mama telling Papa it was nine degrees. I don’t know what that is but it seems like a low number.

The next morning the humans left me at PetSmart in the daycare program they have for dogs there. I wasn’t sure what was going on until it was too late. When I realized what was happening it was having none of it and kept trying to jump over the force field separating me from Mama and Papa.

Once they were gone I forgot what was happening and started making friends. I wound up spending the rest of the day there playing with my new friends Baylor and Rapunzel, a lab and a boxer. I love playing with dogs bigger than I am.

Now I wasn’t there to see it but Papa tells me him and his friend Michael wound up spending the day sliding down mountains of snow on boards. You humans sure likes adrenaline! None of it cost a dime either! Michael has a friend there that gave them two of his guest passes. Worth $150.00 each!

Papa tells me the place they were at was amazing with views of far off lands and mountains all covered in snow. They said even with my coat and boots, as much as I love those, it was still too cold for me and I was safer with the people at PetSmart. They always treat me so nicely.Park City Utah Mountains

Mama and Papa were not able to get a tickets to see any movies at the festival so they just walked around and looked at things from what I hear. Papa had been silly and forgot the camera and his phone was dead so he was unable to get any pictures of the street where Sundance is. I’m sure they will go again sometime.Tacoma in Park City Utah

Once the humans finally came back to get me it was just getting dark. We all got in the truck and wound up in there until the next morning. Mama and Papa were both too tired to stay awake for the ride home. They wound up turning the truck off midway home and slept awhile instead of sleeping the whole way home like I always do. The ride took until it was light again to arrive at the magic house, which seemed far longer than the ride there.

All in all a pretty uneventful day for me, but it sounds like Mama, Papa and Michael had a great time!

So since I wasn’t able to make much of an appearance in this update here is more video of me wearing my boots in the snow for the first time.

I Miss My Friend (Farewell Jarred)

Today was one of the first days in my travels where I woke up and thought the scent I was giving off was perfect! As I was sitting there itching my ears Papa picked me up and put me in the room where the indoor waterfall happens; not my favorite place but I always get good rubbins after.

Can I come out yet?

Can I come out yet?

Papa seems to enjoy putting me through this... Humiliating...

Papa seems to enjoy putting me through this… Humiliating…

They put this stuff in my ears that they say “cleans” them. What does that even mean cleans? You mean when you take all the smells away I’ve been working on for what seems to me like forever? I use my smell to introduce myself to other dogs and let them know that I, Guillermo, was there. Either way as soon as my humans are done bathing me, I go to work trying to get my scent back from all the places I’ve stored it around the Magic House.



Yeah get in there.

Yeah get in there.

I’m not sure I how I feel about this “bath” it seems silly and I usually just go to my happy place while in there. Today my happy place was different and I thought of the good times we all had when we started this adventure. There were five of us who started this trip and now we are down to four. Mama’s brother Jarred was with us and we seem to have lost him. For some reason though Mama and Papa don’t seem too worried. I looked for him for days but he never turned up. I can still smell him. I miss him…

Our trip to Pismo Beach, California was a great time and I was able to get out of the truck and get to know my surroundings (I feel better about myself when I get to know areas, it makes me feel more confident to know where I am).

Can I come out?

Can I come out?

Where should we go Gary?

Where should we go Gary?

Jarred calls me Gary. I decided it was time to start doing some investigating around the area while my humans followed.

Something was here. It went that way!

Something was here. It went that way!

Eventually I led the way and found a beautiful area and a big flight of stairs down to the sand.

I have to get down there!

I have to get down there!

Come on Mama! This way!

Come on Mama! This way!

Jarred somehow beat me down there and I was happy to get to him and play on the beach. We searched around together.

How did you beat me down here?

How did you beat me down here?

He got a little crazy and got very close to the water I tried to warn him and even ran back to tell Mama and Papa but no one listened.

Hey! Don't you know  this water tries to attack you? We have to get back.

Hey! Don’t you know this water tries to attack you? We have to get back!

I'm worried Jarred is being crazy! I'll go check on him again.

I’m worried Jarred is being crazy! I’ll go check on him again.

After I was finally able to get him away from the water we found a big rock that was all different shades of grey (I’m color blind you see) that looked like a dragon head to the humans.

This mighty dragon seems to be sleeping.

This mighty dragon seems to be sleeping.

Jarred began tempting fate and all I could do was watch while he climbed up the beast. It was very exciting!

He jumped on its back!

He jumped on its back!

I think is starting to stir you have to get down!

I think is starting to stir you have to get down!

I think it moved get out of here!

I think it moved, get out of here!

False alarm,  Jarred is OK but we were both very startled!

Did you see that Papa!

Did you see that dragon Papa?!

After all the excitement we’d all worked up an appetite and left the Dragon beach to head over to the Splash Cafe for their world famous clam chowder. They didn’t give me any but it smelled amazing in the sourdough bread bowl and they seemed very happy while eating it and ignoring me.

Fair well water. We will do battle again one day.

Fair well water. We will do battle again, one day…

With full bellies and far less energy it was time to move on from Pismo Beach.

So here I am sitting in the Magic House “clean.” I was given a new ball and I am very tired now. Stay tuned. Where will Guillermo’s Travels lead us? Only the Magic House knows.

Time for Sleep...

Time for Sleep…