Santa Fe Plaza (Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi)

The other day our travels brought us to the Santa Fe Plaza. When we got there we circled around for awhile before Papa finally shut the truck off and we were able to move around. We found ourselves on an old street with a large church at the end of the road.

THE CATHEDRAL BASILICA OF SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI 2We quickly found a statue of a donkey and as usual Mama made me sit there and Papa kept trying to get my attention.

BurroAs this was happening we heard a man say. “That is going to be a great picture!” He came over and gave me some well deserved attention. He then started talking to Mama and Papa about this particular area of the Santa Fe Plaza and the history of this alley.

Guillermostravels Burro AlleyAs it turns out this is Burro Alley. Apparently this street is way old (17th century old) and this was the alley that people would park their burros when coming into town to sell firewood. This was the nightlife area where there were saloons and even where the Ladies of the Night worked. Just around the corner there is a building that is said to be the oldest public building in the US!

As we made our way farther down the road we came to the Santa Fe Plaza. There were vendors and dogs everywhere… And grass, real green grass! With all this time we have spent in the desert I almost forgot this color existed.

I see colors differently from you as I only have to ability to see blue and green, not this red color I hear you humans talking about.

Santa Fe PlazaThere was one area in particular that was heavily populated with vendors and they all kept calling me William and Willy. You can see where this place is on the left of the picture above along the road. Here is another angle.

Santa Fe Locals Selling WaresMama got a new silver bracelet and after I got my fill of some much deserved attention we started walking toward the big church on the outskirts of the Santa Fe Plaza.
THE CATHEDRAL BASILICA OF SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISIThe building looks slightly out of place here but is very impressive none the less. When we got closer we found that it is the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. It is said that St. Francis was  able to commune with animals.

I should have liked to have met him so he could translate to Mama and Papa for me. Staring at them only seems to get me so far…

SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI On the other side of the stairs from him was a statue of Archbishop J.B. Lamy.

Archbishop J.B. LamyThe door to enter the Cathedral was heavy and had some very intricate works of art on it.

THE CATHEDRAL BASILICA OF SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI - front door THE CATHEDRAL BASILICA OF SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI - Door ArtThis door marked the end of my pilgrimage to this Cathedral as dogs are not welcome in this building. Mama and Papa took turns checking it out and brought pictures to show me.

This is the wall just behind the podium on the main stage where the Bishop gives his sermons.

THE CATHEDRAL BASILICA OF SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI - StageIn the middle of the aisle there is the largest holy water basin I have ever heard of.

THE CATHEDRAL BASILICA OF SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI - Holy Water BasinThis is completely filled with pristine calm water. It is so calm that reflections on the surface are the only reason you can tell there is water in it.

Holy Water Basin Finally to the left of the stage there is this small area where people can come to pray. The statue in the middle on the top is actually about 700 years old. It was a gift from another country when the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi was built, or a little while after anyway.

They change its clothes regularly. While we were there they had it dressed in attire that makes sense for the Easter season.

THE CATHEDRAL BASILICA OF SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI - StatueOnce we were done exploring Santa Fe Plaza we made our way back to the truck. I was so tired I didn’t even seem to notice people or even care for attention. I had met many people and been loved on plenty. All I wanted to do was sleep.

Before leaving Santa Fe, Mama and Papa had one more stop they needed to make. They went to the Bobcat Bite. The Bobcat Bite has been in Santa Fe since 1953.

Photo Courtesy of

The restaurant gets its name from the bobcats that would come down from the mountain to the backdoor and would be fed scraps. This doesn’t happen anymore though.

The Food Network is doing a show about Bobcat Bite and they are rated as on of the top 10 burger joints in the country!

Papa especially loved this place and was sad after his 300 gram (not sure how much that is but it looked like a lot) bacon and Santa Fe green chili cheeseburger was gone. Hopefully if we go to Chaco Canyon we will stop there again.

Now we are back at the Magic House and as usual I am asleep. The Santa Fe Plaza was a great experience and we had a great time. I am glad to be home though I was so tired I didn’t even notice the ride home this time.


Old Town Albuquerque

The other day Mama and Papa did something awful. They went to Old Town Albuquerque without me. Here is what happened.

We woke up and went outside per usual. Then it was pretty clear we were going somewhere. Boy was I excited! They fed me and then I heard the word kennel.

I figured Papa just misspoke so I headed over to the door to await my collar. Then, he said it again… They were leaving me alone, again. As always it felt like they were gone forever, or maybe like they never left I don’t remember which…

Anyways, it turns out they were going to look at shops in Historic Old Town Albuquerque and didn’t want to leave me outside by myself the whole time in the heat. They told me all about it though. Apparently, according to Mama, it was very much like being in the Original Mexico.

They told me that when they first got there there was a Museum that had statues of large animals and people outside called the Albuquerque Museum, a fitting name.

Albuquerque MuseumThere was a path around the back of this building that eventually became more narrow and then there was an open gate into Old Town.

Here was a small French restaurant. It looked pretty good.

La Crepe Michel Open

Apparently the place looked pretty good. Just to the right of this restaurant there was a small house.

Historic Old Town

Saw this lamp...

Saw this lamp…

There are small hallways throughout Old Town Albuquerque. Although there are streets a lot of the time you are navigating smaller areas and the building are all connected.

Old Town Albuquerque HallwayOld Town AlbuquerqueI am told that the there is a big church there unfortunately Papa managed to not get a picture of the place. It is called the San Felipe de Neri Church. It has been there for over 300 years! It is a large building for the area and I’m told is a cool building.

GazeboThis is the Old Town Plaza. It lies just to the right of the church. Though this is nice I’m not sure why Papa decided to shoot this but not the church… Amateurs right?

Surrounding the plaza are many shops. Many of which seem to sell the same thing as the person next to them; at different prices even mind you. Even within the same building.

All of these shops have hot sauce it seems but one had more than the others. Blowing the competition out of the water. According to the labels on some of these they come from the pits of hell and quite a few donkeys…

LOTS OF HOT SAUCE!Once Mama and Papa finally showed back up from their trip to Old Town Albuquerque they had food with them from El Modelo, a local favorite here with great food since 1929. The food smelled amazing and Mama and Papa assured me it was and then gave me my kibble.

Now I’m just happy they are home and we can finally take a nap.

Finally Time for a Nap