Old Town Albuquerque

The other day Mama and Papa did something awful. They went to Old Town Albuquerque without me. Here is what happened.

We woke up and went outside per usual. Then it was pretty clear we were going somewhere. Boy was I excited! They fed me and then I heard the word kennel.

I figured Papa just misspoke so I headed over to the door to await my collar. Then, he said it again… They were leaving me alone, again. As always it felt like they were gone forever, or maybe like they never left I don’t remember which…

Anyways, it turns out they were going to look at shops in Historic Old Town Albuquerque and didn’t want to leave me outside by myself the whole time in the heat. They told me all about it though. Apparently, according to Mama, it was very much like being in the Original Mexico.

They told me that when they first got there there was a Museum that had statues of large animals and people outside called the Albuquerque Museum, a fitting name.

Albuquerque MuseumThere was a path around the back of this building that eventually became more narrow and then there was an open gate into Old Town.

Here was a small French restaurant. It looked pretty good.

La Crepe Michel Open

Apparently the place looked pretty good. Just to the right of this restaurant there was a small house.

Historic Old Town

Saw this lamp...

Saw this lamp…

There are small hallways throughout Old Town Albuquerque. Although there are streets a lot of the time you are navigating smaller areas and the building are all connected.

Old Town Albuquerque HallwayOld Town AlbuquerqueI am told that the there is a big church there unfortunately Papa managed to not get a picture of the place. It is called the San Felipe de Neri Church. It has been there for over 300 years! It is a large building for the area and I’m told is a cool building.

GazeboThis is the Old Town Plaza. It lies just to the right of the church. Though this is nice I’m not sure why Papa decided to shoot this but not the church… Amateurs right?

Surrounding the plaza are many shops. Many of which seem to sell the same thing as the person next to them; at different prices even mind you. Even within the same building.

All of these shops have hot sauce it seems but one had more than the others. Blowing the competition out of the water. According to the labels on some of these they come from the pits of hell and quite a few donkeys…

LOTS OF HOT SAUCE!Once Mama and Papa finally showed back up from their trip to Old Town Albuquerque they had food with them from El Modelo, a local favorite here with great food since 1929. The food smelled amazing and Mama and Papa assured me it was and then gave me my kibble.

Now I’m just happy they are home and we can finally take a nap.

Finally Time for a Nap

Petroglyph National Monument Albuquerque, New Mexico (Desert Heat)

The other day the humans and I went to Petroglyph National Monument. Here we found a whole bunch of petroglyphs that apparently are as old as 400-700 years. It was a sunny day and right up until we got onto the sand it felt nice. Papa said something about it only being 64 degrees.

Tail to Petroglyph National MonumentWe made our way down the trail and just a short way in found quite a few petroglyphs. Only a short way in I needed water so…

GuillermosTravels.com getting waterOK, so there were two petroglyphs I wanted to highlight in particular here. The first one was very well done and it was clear that the hand that made it took pride in his (or her) work.

Very well done

Very well done

Here is a close up.

Here is a close up.

Here now I will highlight the petroglyph just above this one an another rock.

No Pride in WorkEveryone needs to start somewhere I guess. Or maybe it was the same artist before and after some experience.

It was very obvious very quickly that I was not going to make it far in these conditions. Despite the low heat the sun really cuts deep. Even Mama and Papa’s feet were feeling the heat through their shoes.

This turned into a short trip to the Petroglyph National Monument and it was interesting. We decided if we are to return we will need to come earlier than 12 noon.

We headed back to the truck and I had more water and panted for awhile.

French Bulldog GuillermoOn the way home I quickly fell asleep and the next thing I knew we were back at the Magic House. I had a meal and then pretty much slept the rest of the day as usual. All in all a good day. I wonder where we will wind up next?

Growing up (Stuggle for Dominance)

Today I was feeling bold and while Papa wasn’t looking I decided it was time I reevaluate the hierarchy in this Magic House. I am growing up after all.

I am about 20 of your human years and it is time I take a stand and set some rules, boundaries and limitations of my own.

Here is what I did..

I waited for Papa to go into the closet the humans always go into in the morning. Once Papa was in the closet I went to the edge of the bed and claimed the foot of the bed then I jumped down on the floor and claimed the hallway.

People call claiming peeing on things but I assure you there is much more too it than that.

Yeah it's pretty awesome, it's my hallway. Only way to the bed, prime real estate.

Yeah it’s pretty awesome, it’s my hallway. Only way to the bed, prime real estate.

I was pretty pleased with myself but somehow Papa knew what was happening and came out looking at me. They took me outside and then straight into my kennel I went.

I spent most of the day in my kennel. I think I spent the whole day in the kennel, no matter how much growing up I go through I just can’t grasp this thing you humans call time.

Once Mama and Papa finally got home they didn’t even seem to notice me and there was a bunch of noise in my hallway.

Bissell Pawsitively yikes! compact deep cleanerAfter the noise ended Papa took me outside to go get busy and then we took a shower.

On the way to the shower though, I noticed there was no more of my smell! They reclaimed the hallway and I never had a chance to enjoy it as mine…

another time maybe...

another time maybe…

Guess I’m still not alpha… I don’t know how they did it. I can’t smell my scent there at all anymore… Growing up can be a real power struggle.

Arizona Hot Springs FAIL (The time I almost died)

Here we are in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I am very much enjoying the view out the window. We are taking it easy so I thought I would tell you about the time we went to the Arizona Hot Springs just on the other side of the road from Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail. This trip did not go as planned and I almost died, at best I my have wound up with two broken legs, but we will get to that.

OverpassIt all started with a hike down into the desert. On either side of us there were big rocks. We were down in a narrow valley.

Hiking in

In to the depths of the MojaveThrough the trail there were areas that the humans had to climb down and the pass me from person to person.

We did not see much wild life though we did see this lizard.

Mojave LizardThis cave looked like a great place to lay down for a nap.


We were seeing all kinds of beautiful scenery when we came across what I learned to be what’s called a natural slide.

Mama and Papa were walking around to find a safe way down and I decided it would be a good idea to run after Jamie as he slide down the slide.

SlideMy body isn’t shaped the same as yours and my back legs came out from under me as I wound up on my back sliding butt first.

I heard Papa warning me and then yelling my name as the ground disappeared under me and my upper body dropped toward the ground 4 feet under me.

Fell from hereJamie acted quick and spun around just as I went off of the slide and dove to catch me!

Just as I was about to land on what may have been my neck Jamie caught me and spun his body so me wound mostly break my fall. He wasn’t expecting my weight but we both came out unscathed.

Mama and Papa seemed very relieved that I didn’t die and check me all over. We were just a few minutes away from the springs but we came to an obstacle we were not prepared for.

There was no safe way for me to get down and after that last situation Mama and Papa decided we would part ways from the group and head back to the truck.

Path to HotspringsMama and Papa thank God I didn’t get hurt that day. I am doing very well. Apparently there are some really interesting places around Albuquerque. I’m getting the impression we are about to do some fun things around here. I am ready for the adventure!

GuillermosTravels Mojave

Grand Canyon National Park

Just the other day the Magic House, now that it is working again, transported us to a place called Arizona. We found ourselves in a KOA Kampground in a city called Williams. Williams is about 50 miles away from Grand Canyon National Park.GuillermosTravels.comOn the way to the park we met a friendly bear named Smokey the Bear and he took me for a walk and taught me about forest fire prevention saying only you can prevent wild fires. That is a big responsibility for such a small dog!

Here we are at the Tusayan Ranger Station just outside Grand Canyon National Park

Here we are at the Tusayan Ranger Station just outside Grand Canyon National Park

Mama, Papa and I went into the park after hanging out with Smokey and what we saw was amazing; there was a huge hole cut out of the earth!

Excuse me you are in my picture. Mama was taking a picture of these nice people while Papa kept trying to get my attention.

Excuse me, you are in my picture. Mama was taking a picture of these nice people while Papa kept trying to get my attention.

There we go. Now where was I?

There we go. Now where was I?

Oh yes, as you can see the sky is quite cloudy. It was also very cold and windy so we went back to the Magic House for the day.

We saw some Elk on the side of the road but a Forest Ranger made us move on. It felt like a Move along people nothing to see here moment.

No stopping to look at the wild life...

No stopping to look at the wild life…

On the way back to the Magic House we met Fred Flinstone outside Bedrock. We didn’t go into Bedrock as it seemed to entirely target children.

FlinstonesMe being the equivalent of and 18 year old human, as far as development goes, I felt I was a little old for such behavior.

The next day Mama and Papa left me back at the Magic House saying I wasn’t allowed where they were going that day. Papa assured me I would hear all about it when they came back.

I have no idea how long they were gone; it could have been five minutes and it could have been two days. My sense of time is terrible.

However when they got home what they showed me was incredible!

They told me they took the free bus tour along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The first stop was an overview of the Bright Angel Fault line.

Here if part of the trail you can hike down into.

Here is part of the trail you can hike down into.

Here you can see the fault line in the middle down at the bottom.

Here you can see the fault line in the middle down at the bottom.

They made their way farther along the bus ride and saw some great views of the Grand Canyon.

Hanging over the cliff Majestic CanyonFinally at the far end of the trail they came to Historic Hermit’s Rest.

The lady sitting down in the background had apperantly broken her ankle in two places just three weeks ago. Impressive she was able to get there if you ask me!

Here they were able to get some of the delicious Grand Canyon Spring water from one of the free fill stations that are around the park.Grand Canyon Spring Water Fill StationInside the Hermit’s Rest cabin there is a gift shop and a HUGE hearth that even humans can walk into!

Hermit's Rest HearthJust outside is a great view with a passage from the Bible on a plaque carved from wood. The passage is Psalms 68 4.

Unfortunately the sun was so bright no matter the setting the picture was washed out.

Unfortunately the sun was so bright no matter the setting the picture was washed out.

This being the end of the road it was time for Mama and Papa to come home to me.

They rewarded my time sitting in my kennel by taking me to the dog run at the KOA Kampground. In the dog run there was a small agility course.

I have never been on one of those so Mama ran me through it. Boy did I fail! I am terrible at these things!

Guillermostravels.com has now moved on to New Mexico in a city called Gallup.

Last night Mama and Papa went to the Fire Rock Casino and Papa is doing a review of a great band they saw called Tequila Rain for the magazine he is writing for rockoveramerica.com. These guys are very talented.

If you have never been to Grand Canyon National Park I highly recommend going there. Photos just don’t do this place justice. If you have been there then you know what I mean.