Lakeridge High School Graduation 2013

OK, so now that Papa got his computer working again I can tell you a bit about what happened over the summer including the Lakeridge High School Graduation 2013.

After my last update the computer’s motherboard went bad and needed to be replaced. One of the main reasons we were in Oregon for the summer was so that Mama and Papa could go to Jarred’s High School Graduation.


Jarred is Mama’s youngest brother and he had finally reached graduation and is now able to go see the world from a new perspective.

After what I’m told is a pretty standard graduation possession, which consists of speeches and various musical performances, it was finally time for Jarred to take his turn to walk across the stage and receive his diploma.

Of course they do the pose so all the proud parents can take a picture to immortalize this major event in their children’s life.

Jarred Graduation walk 1

Next as he receives his diploma he shakes one of the pack leaders hands. These people spend their lives helping the young generation move through the stages of childhood and up into adulthood.

Here at this ceremony they are all very proud of their students and their accomplishments. I know we are sure proud.

Jarred Graduation walk 2

A while later, as these things tend to take some time as you humans sure produce a lot of children, our friend Conner was up for his turn. Congratulations Conner!

Conner Graduation Walk

Once this large group of people have all taken their turns receiving their diplomas and honors they are told they have now officially completed high school! As is customary they all throw their hats in the air.

With humans poor sense of smell though I wonder how they ever get them back? I would be loosing my mind trying to chase all of the flying hats!

Lakeridge High School Graduation 2013

After the High School Graduation ceremony is complete there is a gathering of packs as everyone gets together to congratulate the former students and also their parents for managing to get their kid’s through the whole thing.

Cheryl and Mama are here with Jarred and are very proud. I assume Papa isn’t here because he is always hiding behind that black camera thing.

Proud Mom and Sister

A little while later Jarred met up with his mama, Cheryl, papa, Ron, and his grandfather, Chuck.

Proud Parents and Grandfather

At the end of the night the boys were all able to get together and celebrate and this marked the end of family time. The boys and girls from here were now off on an adventure they call the Graduation Party. I love parties, but I wasn’t invited…

Jarred and Friends

Originally Mama and Papa were also going to go one of Mama’s other brother’s, Michael, High School Graduation at another school but for some reason, even though they were in the same school district, they planned them to both be at the exact same time in two different places. I’m just a dog but that seems like poor planning to me. I know I would never plan two parties in two different places at the same time…

Not long after was a holiday you humans call Father’s Day. The family went up to the Pittock Mansion.

This is another place where you can picture my hero Snoopy walking away with his head down to the tune of “No dogs allowed.” So I stayed home and played with my friend Hunter. I will tell you about Hunter in another post.

The Pittock Mansion is a beautiful old mansion on a gorgeous property overlooking the city of Portland. After taking in the sites they made a stop at the Rogue Distillery and Public house for food and Papa’s favorite fermented beverage, Beer.

Father's Day 2013 Ron, Jessica and Jarred

So I didn’t get to go the the Lakeridge High School Graduation or celebrate Father’s Day with Ron and the rest of the family but I hear they were a great time!

Getting to spend the summer with family was great and as always produced some very fond memories. What a great bunch of people to be able to call part of my pack.